Week of February 5th- February 9th Nursery- Desrosiers

By | February 9, 2018

This week we have begun getting ready for Valentine’s Day. We have begun decorating our Valentine bags and we can’t wait to celebrate (as one of our Tuesday friends put it so eloquently): “Kindness and Friendship” in our class

Language: We are still focusing on rhyming and listening for when words sound the same at the end versus when they sound different at the end.

Math: Patterning and counting with hearts on our math mats has been our numbers focus this week.

Fine motor: For our fine motor practice we have been peeling the backing of of stickers and using nearly-flat sequins to work our fingers and “fancy-fy” our classroom.

Gross Motor: for gross motor we have begun using yoga to stretch, bend and get ready for our day. Ask your little friend about “move and grove” during circle.

Class lists are being emailed home today to aid in preparing class Valentines in advance of our parties.

Class Valentine’s Day Parties:

T/Th: Tuesday, February 13th
M/W/F: Wednesday, February 14th


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