Week April 9-13 Pre-K Bois

By | April 13, 2018

Reminder:  Dads and Donuts is on Monday, April 16, beginning at drop off.  It should wrap up at 9:30, when we will begin circle.

Literacy: We read the books “Mama Zooms” by Jane Cowen and “Motion” by Darlene Stille.  We discussed all week about ramps, inclined planes, and how things travel up and down them.

Math: We have been using our critical thinking skills to figure out how balls travel down and up slides.  On Wednesday we went outside to see how we could roll a ball up and down our playground slides.  The children noticed that we had many ramps in our playground, besides the slides.  Ask your child about this.

Sensory Table: We had Lego’s in our sensory table for building.

Art with science:  We created a ramp with blocks and a tray.  We then investigated how paint could go down the paper, fast or slow.  We used pipettes and paint mixed with water, then increased or decreased the incline to investigate the paint motion.  So exciting!

Science:  Our beans are growing at a very fast rate.  We will keep watching them to see how tall they really get.  Come in and see them.  We also are hatching ducks again this year, which the children are excited about.  I have shown them pictures of the eggs, but they will not come in until they are ready to hatch after vacation.  Pictures are below.

Fun Week:  We are having the NE Aquarium come in on Wednesday, April 18, with their hands on Tidepool.  This will be a great experience for the children.

Monday, April 16 – Super Hero Day

Wednesday, April 18 – Disney Day

Friday, April 20 – Beach Day


Mrs Bois and Mrs Deveau

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