Week April 3-7 Nursery Bois

By | April 6, 2017

What a rainy week for the Nursery.  April has come in wet, but at least the flowers will be beautiful in May.  This week we discussed rain and spring.  Lots of activities with these concepts.

Literacy: We read a books “Raindrops Fall All Around” by Charles Ghigna and “Rabbits & Raindrops” by Jim Arnosky.  We also are doing a great job with recognizing our names and forming the beginning letter with our Handwriting Without Tears wood pieces.  These are used a lot in Pre-K.

Math: We worked on patterning with unifix cubes this week.

Sensory Table: We had dirt and worms in our sensory table.  Some of the worms wee rubber and some were the real things.

Art: We created our 2 quilt squares for the wall.  One was a drip drop umbrella and the other was a Q-Tip painted raindrop.  Come see them next week on our wall.

Fine Motor:  We worked on tracing our writing our names and drawing a self portrait.

Science:  The children loved our rain science experiment today.  We put water in a cup, topped it with shaving cream and then eye dropped blue water on top, to see the rain go through the shaving cream.  So fun!

Reminder:  Please send in 5 filled plastic eggs for our egg hunt on Thursday!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Bois and Mrs Deveau

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