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By | February 23, 2018

February PEEP Blog

The first week of February in Nature PEEP was So much fun! We have been taking Punxatawney Phil’s lead and checking out our shadows. We discussed what we need to make a shadow appear or disappear. We talked about what happens when we move an object close to, or further away from our light source. Finally, using light and shadow paper we made animal and shape frozen shadows. The students loved this project and seem to have a very strong grasp of how shadows work.

During week two of Nature PEEP hearts, love and friendship were our focus. After reading about Peppa Pig’s Valentine adventures we found items from nature to decorate beautiful valentines for our siblings and parents. Our painted stone hearts and stick hearts helped the children to work on their fine motor muscles as they painted small stones and placed them in dough and snapped apart small branches to glue to their glitter hearts. The children were all so excited to bring their creations home to family members!

Our final week of February was a very timely lesson as we focused on germs and how to prevent them. We had a character visit in the form of Sneezy Sally (picture a full-page face with a spray bottle filling in as the nose) Sally has the bad habit of NOT covering her face when she sneezes and instead sprays her friends with germs all the time! Gross, but a very effective lesson as all of the kids practiced using their “germ jails” (the crease of their elbows where they can “lock germs away”). We then learned how germs are spread when we use our hands to cover coughs and sneezes. This was demonstrated by me pretending to cough (while at the same time sprinkling cinnamon onto my palm). I then went on to high five my friends transferring my cough germs (cinnamon powder) to each and every friend. Needless to say, They were very happy to go and wash their hands to get all of the “germs” off. Such a fun way to illustrate important cold-season lessons.

Wishing everyone a great February Vacation!

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