September 2017 Director’s Letter

By | August 30, 2017

Dear Families,

Welcome to the 2017-2108 school year.  All of the teachers are excited about their new students and getting to know their families.  Co-oping, for the parents in Nursery and Pre-K, will begin the week of the 18th.  Please read the classroom co-oping guidelines, so you are familiar with your responsibilities. These guidelines will be included in the folder that will be given to you at parent orientation. When you arrive on your scheduled co-op day, the teachers will fill you in on what they would like help with.

Drop Off:

Just a reminder that drop off is at 8:45.  It is very important that your child arrives at this time, so he/she can get acclimated and socialize before the circle begins at 9:00. The first few drop offs may be difficult while families are transitioning to new routines.  A quick loving goodbye is usually the best way to aid with this transition period. Although it may be difficult, the teachers are excellent with distractions and children quickly become engaged in an activity and then go on to have a great day. The teachers are happy to discuss specific family needs or concerns.

Beginning of the Year Questions:

The beginning of the school year, especially if this is your first time at WCK, can elicit many questions.  Patti Michal will be your go to person with any questions that you may have.  Please feel free to stop by the office and she will be happy to provide assistance.

Contact Information:

Below is the contact information for our staff.  This information is also on our website under the contact tab.

Debbie Bois:
Patti Michal (Office):
Kendall Desrosiers:
Megan Clark:
Pam Deveau:
Heather Hankus:
Kellie Fraser:
Lisa Storie:

Licensing and WCK Rules:

We are licensed under the state of NH and they have rules that we have to follow to be in compliance.  Please help us follow these rules.

Hand sanitizer is not allowed to be in reach of the children, so please do not send any in with your child.  Keep children, should not have any clipped to their backpack. We are diligent with our hand washing with the children, and remind them before snack and after they use the bathroom.

Also, a new rule for this year is that any child under 6 may not wear any necklaces. Please keep all necklaces at home. We will put necklaces in your child’s backpack while families are adjusting to this new rule.

A WCK classroom rule is that toys from home must be kept at home, except for special sharing days.  The teachers have found that home toys get lost easily and cause sharing problems with the children.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Fall Fundraiser:

Our fall fundraiser will be square 1 art.  This was very successful last year and it is so fun to see the children’s artwork transformed into mugs, phone covers, cards, magnets, ornaments, etc.  Please check out the table in the parent communication area for examples.  Your child will be doing their art creations at school, but if there is a sibling that wants to make an art example, please let Patti or I know and we can arrange a time for them to come in and do this. We will be sending these in on Sept. 29th.

Shout Out Board:

We have a “Shout Out” white board in the main hallway, on the right as you walk in.  Throughout the school year feel free to give a shout out to any staff member or parent that has done something extraordinary.


Play Dough Recipe: (a batch for your classroom is greatly appreciated)

1 cup flour                                               1 Tbsp oil

½ cup salt                                                2 Tsp cream of tartar

1 cup boiling water                                 1 Tsp flavored extract

food coloring


Mix all the ingredients together and mix.  Let sit for a few minutes and

then knead it on a smooth surface.  Keep in a plastic bag.


Maintenance Opportunities:

If you were unable to come to the parent work day on Thursday Aug 31st, we still have a few cleaning projects that need to be done.  Please see Patti in the office if you would like to stay and help with a maintenance project while your child is in school. Thank You!

Monthly Raffle:

Every month we will be having a raffle, with a different busy bag.  These busy bags are quiet activities that can be done with your child while waiting in a restaurant, doctor’s appointment, car ride, etc.  Busy bags are a great way to encourage less screen time and more learning through play. “An App cannot replace a lap.”  Please come into the office to enter your family’s name.



Debbie Bois


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