2017-2018 Class Schedule:

Program Days Time
Nursery 2 day (T/TH) or 3 day (M/W/F) 8:45-11:30
Pre-K 3 day (M/W/F) or 4 day (M/T/W/F) 8:45-11:30
PEEP 1 to 4 days of choice (M/T/W/F) 11:30-1:45
KEEP AM 1 to 2 days of choice (T/Th) 8:45-12:15
KEEP PM 1 to 3 days of choice (M/W/F) 11:30-3:00


Classroom Ratios

Each core class includes a Teacher, Assistant and on most days, a Parent Volunteer.

Enrichment classes include a Teacher and Assistant. NO PARENT CO-OPING IS REQUIRED FOR PEEP AND KEEP.

Program  Student/Adult Ratio Minimum Student Age
Nursery 14:2 2.9 by Sept. 1
Pre-K 16:2 4 by Sept. 30
PEEP 16:2 2.9 by Sept. 1
KEEP 16:2 5 by Sept. 30

General Information:

To Learn more about WCK’s developmental philosophy click here. Click here for more information about our Nursery, Pre-K, Preschool Extended-Day Enrichment (PEEP) or Kindergarten Extended-Day Enrichment (KEEP) Programs. Click here to view our ParentHandbook.

All children MUST be toilet trained before they are permitted to attend.