Pre K News Storie April 9-13

By | April 13, 2018

Literacy: This week we read the books “Kite day: a Bear and Mole book” by Will Hillenbrand, “One small place by the sea” by Barbara Brenner and “Clark the shark” by Bruce Hale. This week we practiced forming and writing the letter X.

Fine Motor: The children drew their self-portraits. They also drew a tide pool and added creatures. We also made spring kites.

Sensory Table: The sensory table is a tide pool.

Science: We discussed what a tide pool is and what animals live in the tide pool. We then created one and talked about what the animals would do. We discussed the wind and its effects. They then used straws to blow cotton balls. We did an experiment about how sharks float.

Math: We played feed the shark number recognition game

Art: The children created sharks and made our letter X art page.

Dramatic Play: This month we have a pet/vet center set up in dramatic play.

Reminder: Next week is spirit week.
Monday: Super Hero day and Dad’s and donuts. Your child may wear super hero attire if he/she would like. We are also inviting dad to join us for donuts, coffee and to spend some time with the children (about 45 minutes) at the beginning of our day. If dad is unable to make it please have another important adult in your child’s life join us. In the past we have had grandfathers, uncles and family friends join us.
Wednesday: Disney day your child may choose to wear something Disney inspired. It is also the day that the NE Aquarium will be in to do a presentation for the children.
Friday: Beach Day This day will have all beach themed activities. Please feel free to wear spring/summer clothes. Please send in warmer clothes for later in the day as we will plan to go outdoors. I.e. long pants to go over their clothing.

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Storie and Mrs. Brand

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