By | April 11, 2018

It was all about pizza on day 2 of this Literacy session. This “theme” was suggested to me by the children (I am trying to have some input from them for this last session).
We read “Pete’s a pizza” , a story about a little boy who is in a poor mood because it is raining and he wanted to go outside to play ball with his friends. In order to help him improve his mood, his parents pretend to turn him into a pizza (complete with kneading dough and adding make-believe toppings). So…we turned some of the children into pizza too! We baked, kneaded (which was ticklish) and added our toppings, ending with cutting up slices and sharing! The children loved this activity.
We also read the book “Pizza” by Saturnino Romay, which was a very simple book about actually making pizza. This was a great thing to do right before we headed to the school kitchen and made our very own personal pizzas! These were delicious and the kids had an absolute blast making them! We had many visitors in the kitchen, inquiring about the delicious smells.
While we waited for the pizzas to bake, the children created their own illustration of their favorite kind of pizza.
After our snacking, we returned to the classroom to finish our sharing and to do a little letter/sound practice. We then got outside to run around. The snow is now gone on the playground (finally!) so snow clothes are not needed anymore. If it is chilly in the morning, a pair of gloves might be needed during the day.
Next class…we are going to the MOON! Stay tuned!

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