May Nature PEEP

By | June 1, 2017

The first week of May in Nature PEEP introduced Pollen and Pollinators to the class. We discussed butterflies and bees. We discussed their their lifecycles and how they look at each stage. We also began to learn about why butterflies and bees are so important to plants, flowers and ultimately humans too.

During week two of our Pollen and Pollinators theme we learned that bees use a form of dancing to communicate with one another. We read a story about the bee dance and then learned a song called the Waggle Dance that explains how bees use the sun, the location of the hive and special moves in their dance to communicate with one another about the best places to find nectar and pollen…ask your Tuesday PEEPER to show the Waggle Dance and get ready for some silly shaking and wiggling

Week three had us continuing our exploration of pollinators/pollination as illustrated during a special snack. Prior to snack time we read a quick story that explained what would happen if bees disappeared and were no longer able to pollinate plants and flowers. Fewer colorful flowers, less fruit and veggies…scary stuff. Then the children pretended to be turned into bees and butterflies. They were given to, differently colored, cupcake papers and asked to sit at a field (table). Each child was given “nectar” (a juice box) and one of their “flowers” (cupcake papers) was filled with “pollen” (cheetos). Each student was told that he/she had to take pollen from one of their flowers to the other. Once they had moved the cheetos from one paper to the other they were told to observe the “pollen” (cheeto powder) on their fingers.. A fun and tasty way to SEE pollination.

For our Final Tuesday in Nature PEEP, we gathered and did one final discussion about some of the things we have learned during this school year. We then headed in to watch an episode of Magic School Bus, which we followed up with one last outdoor adventure finding moss, playing with pebbles and enjoying our outside time! Thanks for all the Super-fun Tuesday afternoons PEEPERS.

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