KEEP NEWS June 2, 2017

By | June 7, 2017

Theme: This month we had fun learning about fairy tales. We also learned a little bit about castles and castle life.

Science: To go along with our fairy tale unit the children learned about mirrors reflecting and reflection. The children did a stem activity where they built houses of straws, sticks and bricks (Legos). We then had the big bad wolf (a hairdryer) try to blow them down. In another stem activity the children used their choice of cupcake liners, paper, tape, poster board, aluminum foil and bubble wrap to build a bed for baby bear. We then put small stuffed animals on them to see how many it could hold until it broke. We planted beans for the Jack and the bean stalk fairy tale.

Literacy: We read many fairy tales and watched Miss Booksy (a more contemporary version of the fairy tales) on line. We learned about the elements of a fairy tale. We looked at every fairy tale we read and decided which of the elements they contained. We sequenced the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

Math: We played a Little Red riding hood graphing game. We played an addition and subtraction game for Jack and the bean stalk.

Art: The children made and decorated magic mirrors. They made a fairy godmother and we wrote what they would wish for if they had a fairy god mother. We made 3 little pigs masks and acted out the story. We made stick puppet for Little Red Riding hood and acted out the story. We made hobby horses and crowns.

Dramatic Play: The dramatic play area was set up with capes, crowns, hobby horses, wands and fairy wings. The children had fun pretending to be knights, princesses, kings and fairies.

Sensory table: The table had beans, jewels, small fairies, knights and horses. One week we put sensory sand and beach toys in it. Another week we has water beads and pieces of tubing to put them through.

This month we have an art theme. The children will experiment with different art forms and mediums. We will have an art show to top off the unit. More information will be coming home soon.

Mrs. Storie and Mrs. Hankus

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