January Nature PEEP

By | February 2, 2018

Our first week back in Nature PEEP was so much fun! The arctic and more specifically, Narwhals were our focus this Tuesday. After a quick visit to our igloo (thanks again to all of the families whose awesome recycling skills made our igloo possible), we began our discussion. The students learned about the habitat and diet of our stuffed narwhal, Norman. We had many laughs as Mrs. Hankus taught us the Narwhal song and The Peepsters loved referring to the narwhal as: “The unicorn of the sea” and “The Jedi of the Sea”. You were probably pretty surprised to find blue feet (or for our especially ticklish little friends, blue hands) when the children came home after painting narwhals.

Week two was all about snowy owls. We discussed their habitat, their camouflage and adaptations that allow them to survive in the arctic and what they like to eat. The students knew tons of information about the snowy owl and took turns “teaching me” all about them. We then headed outside to our playground and acted like owls in the arctic.

Our final week of January had us learning about caribou. We discussed their fuzzy noses which help them to stay warm while they graze on the tundra, we discussed their hollow hooves and how they act as snow shovels for digging beneath the ice and snow to find food and we discussed how their antlers fall off, and regrow each year. We them made hand-print caribou which will be coming home next week.

See you soon for our first week of February Nature PEEP

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