Hooray for PreK 4/9-4/13 Hankus

By | April 13, 2018

Rumor has it there just may be a Spring before Summer! The children have enjoyed the outside play.

We have been discussing tide pools and the ocean getting ready for our in-house field trip next Wednesday. The New England Aquarium is coming to the Co-op and bringing their tide pool.

Literacy-We introduced the Letter Y and came up with some great Y words.  We read Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale and Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae  Davis Wojtowyc   The children played Feed the Shark.  They fed the shark letters.  The children said the sounds of the letter and then wrote the letters they feed the shark.

Math– We played a math game where the children put beads on the tails of kites according to the number on the kite.   We counted and sorted seashells.  The children really enjoyed this activity.  They loved making patterns  with the shells.  They made the shells into animals and matched the shells to their shell card.   We played a fish matching game,  matching shapes and colors.

Science- We discussed tide pools and what would find in a tide pool.   We talked about wind and the children had cotton ball races using a straw and to blow the cotton ball to the finish line.   We had fun facts about sharks and  did an experiment where we saw that a shark filled with oil floats and one with water sunk.

Fine Motor- The children created kites by glueing and decorating.  We painted shells.  Children created their own see creatures gluing different types of shapes to make their creature.

Art-Our Tuesday friends painted pretty seashells using watercolors.   We practiced cutting and gluing to create super sharks.

Sensory Table- Our sensory table was filled with buttons, scoopers, tubes, and cups.  The children scooped, sorted, and collected buttons in the cups.
Spirit Week
Monday- Super Hero Day
Tuesday- Pajama Day
Wednesday- Disney Day
Friday -Beach Day

Looking forward to a fabulous week ahead!
Mrs. Hankus and Mrs. Fraser

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