Hooray for PreK 4/2-4/6 Hankus

By | April 6, 2018

The rain held off for our field trip. The children had a great time. We read a nature book about animals and their mommies, played a Where’s My Mommy game and took a hike through the woods.
Thank you so much to our chaperones for enjoying the day with us.

Literacy-We introduced letter X. It was challenging to come up with words that started with X.  We wrote in our journals about what the favorite part of our field trip is.

Math-We played Flower Tower using unifex cubes to practice numbers and one to one correspondence.  Our Tuesday friends built bird house using shapes.

Fine Motor-The children worked on their fine motor pinching tissue paper and gluing them on their flowers.  We created umbrellas and rainbows after reading Let it Rain by Maryann Cocca Leffler.  Our Tuesday friends created bird nests.

Science-We discussed what happens in Spring and the difference of Spring and Winter.  The children saw how rain works with a science experiment. We used pipettes to squeeze blue water(rain) through shaving cream(clouds) to see how it rains.

Sensory Table- The children loved the sensory table this week. It was made into a frog pond filled with rocks, logs, and frogs.

Dramatic Play-The children played veternarian to their pets in this pet vet filled area.

Dad’s and Donuts is on Monday April 16th.  Since we are not in school on Father’s Day, we decided to celebrate dad with a morning visit to school to enjoy some donuts, coffee, and tabletops with your child.  If dad is unable to attend, a grandparent, uncle and even mom can come by. It would only be about 45 min if you need to plan ahead for work. We are looking forward to it.

Looking forward to a fabulous week ahead.
Mrs. Hankus and Mrs. Fraser

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