Hooray for PreK 3/5-3/9 Hankus

By | March 9, 2018

We hope everyone did OK during the big storm.
This weeks theme was Curious George.
We read books from the Curious George series by H A Reys. The children thought George was silly and got in to a lot of things. He was definitely curious.

We wrote a journal page on what would we do if we were silly and curious.
The children created Curious George headbands to wear to our play. We colored George coloring sheets

New calendar and new pattern on the calendar this month. New month also means new letter spots!
We played a number game where the children popped the balloons when they heard and recognized numbers 1-10. Our Tuesday friends played a pizza game where they added their favorite flavored toppings. The children rolled the dice and took the number of toppings off from the number on the dice. They then rolled the dice and added the toppings to the pizza from the number in the dice. The children enjoyed playing this game and were proud to say they were adding and subtracting.  We used bananas to measure things in the classroom.

We played Bananagrams where the children took out letters and created words with help or created words they knew.
Our letter of the week was letter V. We wrote the letter V with crayons and dry erase markers and we came up with some great V words. The children created their letter V ABC Book.

We continued to enjoy the grocery store in dramatic play. The children had fun playing with our magnetic sand with mini beach tools and added dinosaur bones. It was a big hit.

Thank you chaperones for staying with us during the play. The children were so well behaved.  I think they all enjoyed their time.

Looking forward to a fabulous week!
Mrs. Hankus and Mrs. Fraser

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