Hooray for PreK 2/5-2/9 Hankus

By | February 9, 2018

Valentine’s Day is on its way!
The children have been working hard on their Valentine creations.

Literacy-We introduced the letter R and practiced writing the letter, making R in play dough and playing ISpy letter R in the room. The children enjoyed reading “The Day it Rained Hearts” by Felicia Bond, “The Biggest Valentine Ever” by Steven Kroll and “One Heart: A Valentine Counting Book” by Mary Ann Cocco-Lefflet.

Math-The children had a heart search looking for numbers 6-10 then matching with a friend. Our Tuesday friends graphed how many hearts they could hold in their hands.  We have a new ABC pattern on our calendar.

Fine Motor/Art-Our Tuesday friends created a heart wreath. The children create a special Valentine treat. We used different sized hearts and added them to their heart tree. The children sewed and decorated their Valentine pouches. We worked on our letter R page for the ABC Book.

By special request the children wanted to keep their capes and enjoyed wearing them all day long. They played in our superhero headquarters and continued to build and create buildings they could jump over and hide figurines in.

*Chunkys fundraiser is due Tuesday 2/13
*Our Valentine’s Party is Wednesday 2/14
The children can sign their names to their Valentines. They do not need to address them to each child in the classroom. We have 16 children in our class, 6 girls and 10 boys.

Thankfully our children have been pretty healthy this winter. Mrs. Fraser and I are continually cleaning the classroom. The children are washing their hands more frequently and the tables are washed with a bleach and water mixture. If anyone would like to volunteer to make one more batch of play dough, we would appreciate it. We have been throwing it away more frequently since it is the cold season.

Thank you so much for all of your Valentine donations. We always appreciate your generosity!

We are looking forward to a fabulous week!

Go Team USA!

Mrs. Hankus and Mrs. Fraser

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