Hooray for PreK 1/29-2/2 Hankus

By | February 2, 2018

We have enjoyed the outside playtime. We do go outside every day weather permitting. Please remember to pack your child with the appropriate outside gear. I understand sometimes they don’t like to wear their gloves or hat, however, it is still cold out. Maybe they could choose the mittens our hats that are most comfortable for them. You’re welcome to leave extras in school as well.

Literacy-We introduced the letter B. Brooklyn, Brotherton, Blongiewicz, and Babaanne made the board!
We are working on our All About Me Book and Super You activities.
We added to our journals writing about what our super powers would be.
The children used super powered dobbers to smash out lower case letters.

Math-The children graphed their favorite super hero.
We played a Lego math game Super Hero vs Super Hero. The children used number flash cards to stack that many Lego pieces.
The children had fun playing a Super Hero Bingo and Super Hero matching.

Fine Motor-We created All About Me pages for our family, our names, and our handprints.

Science-The children looked at a special app with Mrs. Fraser to see their fingerprints. It was pretty cool. We put our fingers in ink and pressed them on paper to see our fingerprints.

Art-We worked on our ABC books. Cape Create was so much fun. Each child got to decorate their cape. They loved this and wore them on Super Hero Day!
Super Hero Day-The children enjoyed super bingo creating a superhero puppet and being there very own superhero leaping tall buildings, crawling over lava,  and using their own superpowers Pow Bam Zap!

They continue to enjoy the super hero headquarters in dramatic play. The capes and masks have been a hit.

The sensory table was filled with beads and letter beads With pipe cleaners to string and make bracelets. The children find the letters to make their name and other words. They really enjoyed this area of the room this week.

Look out for the sign-up genius as we will be having our Valentine’s Day party on Wednesday, February 14. The children can bring in Valentines to share with their friends.  There are 16 friends in the class.  Please just have them sign their name and not address the Valentines as the pass out process can be quite long and our little friends get impatient with both waiting and also writing all those names. We suggest starting a little early when signing their names.

We are looking forward to a fabulous week.

Go Patriots !

Mrs. Hankus and Mrs. Fraser

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