First Literacy Class

By | October 10, 2017

Hello Literacy Parents!
Last Thursday was a WONDERFUL first day of Literacy class. It was great fun to watch your children all come in and immediately engage with their friends. We have 8 students this session and it is a lovely group. We are going to be able to accomplish a lot this session and have tons of fun while doing it!
On most Literacy days, our activities will revolve around a theme. Last Thursday, our theme was “leaves”. When I gathered the children together, we had a great discussion about leaves and what we knew about them. Then we ready the story, “When the Leaf Blew In”. This is a very fun story about things that happen on the farm, simply because a leaf blew into the barn and made the cow sneeze. They loved this story and had great fun predicting what would happen “next”.
Together we worked on making our Literacy folders (where all of their work, recipes, etc. will be stored). They will bring these folders home at the END of the 8 week session to keep. I then worked with the students to make leaf prints. They came out beautifully. As an added surprise, the leaves that the children painted in order to make prints, were beautiful too, so we have kept those as well. A bonus project!
This coming Thursday will be our first sharing day. Each child is allowed to bring in ONE item (if they bring in more than one item I will ask them to choose one thing to share) to share in front of the group. This activity is great fun for the children and has always been a highlight of the class. Little do they know, that I am working with them on language, talking in front of a group, staying on topic, etc. I will send out a quick email on Wednesday evening to remind you all about the sharing. IF by any chance your child forgets something to share, I will allow them to make a choice. They can bring in 2 items the following week, or they can share a quick story/idea with the group. I do not want any children being upset or sad if something is forgotten 🙂
You do not need to send in a snack with your child, as we will be creating and baking during most weeks. I always have extra snacks on hand if the child tries what we have created and doesn’t care for it.
Quick Reminder: Lunch Bunch is available on MOST Thursdays, so if you are interested in having your child stay, touch base with me or with Patti (in the office).
I am very much looking forward to seeing your children again Thursday!

-Jen Brand

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