Director’s Letter October 2016

By | September 30, 2016

Dear Families,

Our 50th anniversary celebration was well attended and the weather turned out to be fantastic.  Thanks to Gwen, Tracy, Patti, Heather, Nancy, and the parents that helped with picking items up, set up and clean up.  This event was so successful, because of everyone’s hard work!

General Membership Meeting:

We are having our first general membership meeting Thursday, October 20th at 6:30. Jack Agati will be our keynote speaker discussing Birth Order: How your place in the family affects your view of the world. Jack has been presenting over the last twenty-five years, which has earned him a reputation for useful and relevant information combined with humor to make learning enjoyable. We will also be discussing Fall happenings at the school, fundraising, upcoming events, and our budget.  Babysitting will be provided.

Fall Maintenance Day:

We are having our clean-up day on Sunday, October 23.  Please drop by for an hour or two and help with odd jobs inside and outside.  This is your school and keeping it maintained is how we can make it a great place for the children.  Families are required to attend either the fall or spring maintenance day as we are a co-op.

Halloween Bingo:

We are having our Halloween Bingo night on Thursday, October 27 at 6:00 at the Windham High School, in the cafeteria.  More details will go out later in the month.

Open House:

Our open house is Thursday, October 6 from 6-8.  This is a chance for your child to show you their classroom.  You may drop in anytime between 6-8 and all family members are welcome.

Literacy in Action:

Our first session will begin on Thursday, October 13.  This is open to any pre-k student.  If interested, please stop into the office and talk to Patti.  Literacy in action is a great way to have your child learn about literature, have some cooking fun, participate in alphabet review, plus more!  Jen Brand is the teacher for this program.


Every week the teachers post their class happenings.  Be sure to check out the blog section on our website and find your child’s classroom posting.  This is a great way to keep up to date on what is happening in your child’s classroom.  Also check out the monthly calendars and newsletters that are posted also.  If you have a gmail account, you can link the calendar to your phone.


Another great way to follow the happenings at the co-op is to like us on facebook.  Also join in on the questions that are asked and keep it current on your news feed.

 October Activities to do with your child:

Homemade Binoculars – Cut a paper towel roll in half.  Tape the two halves together.  Punch a hole in the top of each roll and tie a string to it.  Have your child decorate the tubes.  Bring them outside and have your child discover all of the wonders of the fall season.

Leaf Rubbings– Go outside and collect different types of leaves.  Lay them flat on a table and put a piece of paper over them.  Have your child rub over them with a crayon.  Ask them the question, why are they the same or different?

A Spider Sandwich – You will need: 2 slices of bread, peanut butter or honey, raisins, and 8 pretzel sticks.  Cut 2 circles out of the bread with a cup or cookie cutter, spread the peanut butter or honey on top of one and put the other on top, make a face with the raisons, and add the 8 pretzel legs.  Eat it and enjoy!  (you can give the extra bread to the birds)

Great Educational Website –

This is a fun website that helps to reinforce the alphabet and phonics.  It also has some great games for the children to interact with.

Labeling Items:

Please label all of your child’s outdoor clothing, backpack, and lunchbox.   This will help all of the teacher’s in identifying any child’s items easily.  Thanks!

Estimation Cup:

Our September winner was Anderson Blundell.  He guessed that there were 80 pom pom’s and there were actually 73.  What a great guess.  Come in to the office and estimate the fall jewels in the container for October.



Debbie Bois



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