Desrosiers Nursery- Week of March 5-9

By | March 9, 2018

It is great to be back! I have missed all of the children! This week we learned about Dr. Seuss. It was his birthday so we celebrated by reading some of his stories and doing some crafts related to him as well. The children really enjoyed listening to the stories and everyone recognized those stories.

Literacy: We read two books from Dr. Seuss. We read “Green Eggs and Ham” and “The Cat in the Hat”. Within each story we talked about rhyming words. The children are getting really good at these and we will continue to practice!

Math: We worked on patterning when we put together The Cat in the Hat. We also did some number recognition with Dr. Seuss number matching game!

Sensory Table: We had green rice in the sensory table and the children used cups to fill up egg crates. They loved the rice!

Art: We made Green Eggs and Ham with marble painting and this is always so much for them. They love to shake the marbles around and move their bodies while they are painting. It is a fun way to paint! We also made The Cat in the Hat pictures, which all came out so cute.

Have a great weekend! 

Ms. Desrosiers and Ms. Clark


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