Desrosiers Nursery Week of April 9-April 13

By | April 13, 2018

Spring Spring and More Spring! The weather seems like it is finally starting to get a little warmer. The children know just what to look for outside for some signs of Spring. We talked about seeds and planting this week and that will continue over into the next few weeks as we watch our bean plants grow!

Literacy: We read a story called, “The Little Flower Seed” by Sarah Fisch. This story was all about Clifford and Dafodil preparing her garden for some flowers and vegetables to grow! The children were excited about the process and could often predict what would happen next in the story based off of what they already knew about planting.

Math: We made Flower Towers with rubix cubes! The children worked with numbers 1-10 and had to build towers to match the number that was in each flower!

Sensory Table: We had water and eggs. The children filled up the eggs with water and watched the water drip out of the bottom of the eggs. They also used their strong fine motor skills to open and shut the eggs.

Art: We worked with colors and created marble eggs! These came out beautiful and will be sent home.

Science: We planted bean seeds! We went through the whole process and knew just our seeds needed in order to grow. The children will be watering their seeds upon arrival at school for the next few weeks. We are so excited to watch them grow.

FUN FRIDAY: Our M-W-F class had FUN FRIDAY today. Ms. Clark and I wanted to try out something new that we thought the the children would really enjoy. On Friday’s we are going to spend a period of time during our typical project time playing board games in small groups! Board games are so important to develop social skills, increase peer positivity, class cooperation, counting/number practice, letter practice, and overall SO MUCH FUN! The children LOVED this and will continue to try it again next Friday.


Important Upcoming Dates: 

Fun Week! 

Monday, April 16: Super Hero Day

      Tuesday, April 17: Pajama Day

      Wednesday, April 18: Disney Day

      Thursday, April 19: Sports Day

      Friday, April 20: Beach Day


New England Aquarium In-House Field Trip:

                MWF: Wednesday, April 18th

                T/TH: Tuesday, April 17th


 April Vacation: April 23- April 27

Mother’s Day Celebration

                MWF: Friday, May 11th @ 10:30

               T/TH: Thursday, May 10th @ 10:30


Have a great weekend!

Ms. Desrosiers and Ms. Clark

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