Desrosiers Nursery Week May 22-May 26

By | May 26, 2017
We had a great week in Nursery. We are sad that our field trip was cancelled this week, but have our fingers crossed for next week. We are hoping for nicer weather. This field trip will be so much fun for them! We can’t believe this school year is coming to an end!

Literacy: We read the books “Inch by Inch” by Leo Lionni and also “10 Little Caterpillars” by Bill Martin Jr., an Louis Ehlert.

Math: We practiced patterning this week!

Sensory Table: We has sponges and water cups in our sensory table. The children really liked using the sponges to absorb the water and fill up the cups. It was fun for them!

Art: We made pigs and open ended farm paintings! These came out so cute and the children used their own imaginations to create what they envision a farm to look like. These were sent home.

Science:  We released our butterflies! It was a really neat experience for the children. We even went outside to look for the butterflies that we released the next day.


Your child’s progress reports were sent out in their backpacks this week! Please be sure to check on those. If you have any questions or concerns and want to meet, please do not hesitate to ask and we can schedule a time to do so. 
M-W-F: Monday: No School, May 29th
           Wednesday: May 31st,  Field Day trip to Griffin Park at 9:00am 
              Monday: June 5th, Pot Luck at 10:30 
          Tuesday: May 30, Field Trip Day to Griffin Park at 9:00am
          Thursday: June 1 at 10:30am

Have a great long weekend,

Ms. Desrosiers and Mrs. Clark

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