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August 2017 Director’s Letter

Windham Coop Director's Letter

Dear Families,
Welcome to a new year at Windham Cooperative Kindergarten and Nursery School. The teachers and I are very excited to begin the 2017-2018 school year and meet all of our new families and connect with our veteran families again. WCK is truly a special community that incorporates learning, fun, and involvement through “Co-oping”. If you have any questions for the beginning of the year, do not hesitate to ask me or stop by the office to see Patti, WCK’s business manger.

Parent/Staff Day:
Our staff has already been busy getting the rooms ready for the beginning of school. On Thursday, August 31 we will hold our parent/staff workday from 9:00-12:00. We request that you join us for part of the day. It is a great chance to connect with other parents and meet our teachers. Since this is a very busy day, children cannot stay for the workday. We will have take home projects for those who would like to help, but are unable to stay. Jobs include cleaning, project preparation, washing toys, etc.

Staff Emails:
Debbie Bois:
Patti Michal:
Kendall Desrosiers:
Megan Clark:
Pam Deveau:
Heather Hankus:
Kellie Fraser:
Lisa Storie:
Jennifer Brand:

WCK is part of the Amazon Smiles Program. Go to to sign up. Select the Windham Cooperative Kindergarten as your charity and then we will get back 0.5% of your purchases. This is an easy way to help out your school.

Lower Playground:
Our lower playground is in the process of being created into a natural playground for the children. This will be done by the beginning of school for the children to enjoy. Go onto our facebook page and check out the updated pictures as it is constructed.

Nursery Substitute Teachers:
As many of you know, Ms Desrosiers is expecting a baby in December. While she is on maternity leave, Mrs. Clark will be stepping up to the lead position. Mrs Wein will be the assistant on MWF. She has taught at WCK in Pre-K and over the past few years, she has been our consistent substitute for all of our classes. Mrs. Bulkley will be the assistant on T/TH. Both of her children attended WCK and she was one of our substitutes last year in many of the classes. Both will make the transition very smooth for the nursery children.

Lunch Bunch:
Your child may stay for lunch from 11:30-12:15. The cost is $8.00 or you can buy a card for 5 lunches for $35.00. Send in a nut free lunch with your child and let Patti know in the morning if your child is staying for lunch bunch.

Parent Orientation:
On Thursday, August 31 we will hold a parent orientation at 6:30 PM at the Windham High School. Each family will receive their child’s school folder filled with school information and forms. This will allow families time to complete forms prior to attending their child’s orientation. Parents can meet both returning and new teachers and executive board members. There will be a brief presentation about programs, events and school guidelines, with time for a question and answer session at the end.
If you have volunteered for a job at the school this year, there will also be time available to meet with a board or staff members to help you understand your responsibilities. We will make every effort to keep the meeting brief and informative for all.
If you are unable to attend the Parent Orientation, you will need to make arrangements to stop by the school and pick up your child’s folder. By having the forms done ahead of time, teachers will have more time to interact with the children and their families during the children’s orientation. Please be aware that per state law your child will be unable to attend class until we have their current emergency and health forms on file.

Child Orientation:
During the 2nd week of August, you will be receiving a letter from your child’s teacher. It will let you know when your time is for your child’s orientation. This is a great day for your child to see their new classroom and meet their teachers. We ask that you make arrangements for siblings to be watched by a family member or friend so ensure a positive experience by all. Many of our families trade off with each other. Please note that PEEP students do not attend a separate orientation.

During the year, the children will bring home lots of art work, projects, and notices. They are given a folder to put these in. We encourage you to have your child bring a large backpack that can fit a folder and other items. Also send in a spare set of clothes in the backpack. Thanks!
Maintenance throughout the year:
As part of our co-op program, each family is required to come to a maintenance day during the year. In each of my newsletters, I will have a maintenance project that can count towards this and can work around your schedule.

Program Openings:
We currently have limited openings in our T/TH Nursery program, KEEP and PEEP programs. If you would like to find out more about these programs or know someone that is looking for a wonderful early childhood program, please give us a call at 893-3069 or visit our website 

1-2-3- Go Camps:
In addition to child orientation, Nursery and Pre-K students have the opportunity to attend a 2 day camp where they can meet their teachers and see their classroom on August 23 and 24 from 9-10:30. For new students at WCK, this is a great way to see how a mini day runs for nursery or pre-k. The cost is $30.00 for this camp. Check the website for details or call the office.

Have a great rest of the summer!

Debbie Bois
Director of Windham Cooperative Kindergarten and Nursery School

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KEEP NEWS June 2, 2017

Theme: This month we had fun learning about fairy tales. We also learned a little bit about castles and castle life.

Science: To go along with our fairy tale unit the children learned about mirrors reflecting and reflection. The children did a stem activity where they built houses of straws, sticks and bricks (Legos). We then had the big bad wolf (a hairdryer) try to blow them down. In another stem activity the children used their choice of cupcake liners, paper, tape, poster board, aluminum foil and bubble wrap to build a bed for baby bear. We then put small stuffed animals on them to see how many it could hold until it broke. We planted beans for the Jack and the bean stalk fairy tale.

Literacy: We read many fairy tales and watched Miss Booksy (a more contemporary version of the fairy tales) on line. We learned about the elements of a fairy tale. We looked at every fairy tale we read and decided which of the elements they contained. We sequenced the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

Math: We played a Little Red riding hood graphing game. We played an addition and subtraction game for Jack and the bean stalk.

Art: The children made and decorated magic mirrors. They made a fairy godmother and we wrote what they would wish for if they had a fairy god mother. We made 3 little pigs masks and acted out the story. We made stick puppet for Little Red Riding hood and acted out the story. We made hobby horses and crowns.

Dramatic Play: The dramatic play area was set up with capes, crowns, hobby horses, wands and fairy wings. The children had fun pretending to be knights, princesses, kings and fairies.

Sensory table: The table had beans, jewels, small fairies, knights and horses. One week we put sensory sand and beach toys in it. Another week we has water beads and pieces of tubing to put them through.

This month we have an art theme. The children will experiment with different art forms and mediums. We will have an art show to top off the unit. More information will be coming home soon.

Mrs. Storie and Mrs. Hankus

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Pre K News Storie Week May 29-June 2

We loved seeing everyone at the Pre K graduation last night. The children did a wonderful job. Party day was enjoyed by all. Thank you everyone for your help and contributions.

Literacy: We read the books “Splat the Cat: I scream for Ice cream” by Laura Driscoll, and “Should I Share the Ice Cream” by Mia Willems. We played a letter recognition relay game.

Math: We worked on patterns using ice cream flavors.

Fine motor: The children made their names using paper ice cream scoops. They used pool noodles, golf tees and feathers to create bugs.

Sensory Table: beans, jewels, knights, fairies and horses.

Dramatic Play: We have dress up crowns, capes, fairy wings, hobby horses and magic wands. There are also knights, fairies, castles, dragons and horses for the children to use in pretend play.

We have one more day of Pre K on Monday. It will be our Pre K fun day. We have enjoyed spending time with your children this year. Thank you for sharing them with us. We will miss you all! Have a wonderful summer!
Don’t forget we still have 1 more day!

Mr. Storie and Mrs. Brand

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Pre K News Storie Week May 22-26

It has been a busy week. We have been finishing our Insect unit and started a few days of ice cream fun. The children have been working hard on our year end show. I can’t believe our year is coming to an end.

Literacy: We read the books “Butterfly Life Cycle” by Jeff Bauer, “Ladybugs” by Melvin and Gilda Berger and “Make Mine Ice Cream” by Melvin Berger

Math: We learned about symmetry and made butterflies with symmetrical wings. The children played a ladybug math game. They were given a number and then they put that many dots on a ladybug. This game worked on number recognition and 1 to 1 correspondence.

Fine motor: The children worked on gluing, twisting and picking up small objects while working on their various projects and art activities.

Sensory Table: The sensory table was filled with kinetic sand, castle making molds and other sand toys.

Science: We talked about the life cycle of a butterfly and the children made their own life cycle project.

Dramatic Play: We have dress up crowns, capes, fairy wings, hobby horses and magic wands. There are also knights, fairies, castles, dragons and horses for the children to use in pretend play.

Art: The children created ice cream cones.
Cooking: Today we made ice cream.

Next Week’s Events:
Monday May 29th No School Memorial Day
Thursday June 1st Pre K Graduation at Center School at 6:30. Please come a little early to enjoy an end of the tear slide show
Friday June 2nd Year end party. A sign up genius has been sent out
Monday June 5th Pre K fun day and our last day of school.
Have a great long weekend! See you on Wednesday!

Mr. Storie and Mrs. Brand

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Pre K News Storie Week May 15-19

This week we began our insect unit. We discussed what an insect is and learned about bees and ants.

Literacy: We read the books “What do insects do?” by Susan Canizares, “Bees” by Julie Murray, “Ants” by Melvin and Gilda Berger and Hey, Little Ant by Phillip and Hannah Hoose. We continue to review our letters.

Math: We played number recognition bingo. The children used insects to make patterns. We reviewed our shapes while making our build a bug art project.

Fine motor: The children wrote their alphabet letters in chalk, made insects out of dauber prints and made ant puppets.

Sensory Table: Our sensory table rocks, sticks, play insects, magnifying glasses and bug catchers.

Science: We brainstormed what insects are, can do and have. We learned a song to help us remember that insects have 3 body parts, 6 legs etc.

Dramatic Play: We have dress up crowns, capes, fairy wings, hobby horses and magic wands. There are also knights, fairies, castles, dragons and horses for the children to use in pretend play.

P.S. Today your child’s spring progress report went home in his/ her folder. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Storie and Mrs. Brand

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Pre K News Storie Week May 8-12

This week we had fun with Nursery rhymes.

Literacy: We read the books “If the Shoe Fits” by Alison Jackson, “The Clock Struck One” by Trudy Harris and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” by Keith Chapman. We played the Alphabet soup game where the children scooped out letters and then wrote them. The children had fun reciting Nursery Rhymes.

Math: We played Mouse in a house a number recognition game. The children picked a house and identified the number. After correctly identifying the number the child lifted up the house to see if they found a mouse. We wrote the number 1 to 12 on a clock face and played a spider math game.

Fine motor: The children laced, glued and cut for our various nursery rhyme projects.

Sensory Table: Our sensory table contained beans, knights, horses, plastic eggs and blocks to build walls for Humpty Dumpty.

Science: We conducted an experiment for Humpty Dumpty. We built a wall for Humpty Dumpty. We then placed a raw egg on the wall and knocked it down and then placed a hardboiled egg on the wall and knocked it down. We compared what happened to the eggs when they fell.

Dramatic Play: We have doll houses and vehicles in dramatic play. The children have been having lots of fun playing house.
Have a great weekend!

Mr. Storie and Mrs. Brand

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May Pre-K News

May Happenings
This year is almost over and the children have grown so much.
This month we will do an All about Me Unit, learn about nursery rhymes insects, get ready for graduation on the 1st of June and have ice cream fun. Please keep an eye out for future updates.

May Themes
All About Me
Fairy Tales
Ice Cream

Dates to Remember
May 29th- Memorial Day No School
June 1st- Pre K Graduation (This will take place in the evening. More information to follow)
June 2nd- Pre K year end celebration (Please keep an eye out for a sign up genius after vacation)
June 5- Last day of Pre K

Items Needed
Summer Fun stickers
Insect Stickers

Create a learning game that gets your child moving!

This is a fun way to work on number recognition or alphabet recognition.
Simply write numbers or letter on a sheet of paper. Give your child a fly swatter and let them swat the letter or number you call out. A great way to incorporate learning and movement!

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KEEP NEWS April 21, 2017

Theme: This month our theme was spring and Easter. We spent time discussing spring changes.
Science: While exploring our spring unit we did a few experiments and explored some science topics. While discussing clouds the children did an experiment using a container of water, shaving cream topping and food coloring. The children dropped food coloring onto the shaving cream. Like raindrops the heavy food coloring works its way through the cloud and rains down into the water (atmosphere).
We made a list of what plants have (roots leaves etc.) what plants need (soil, water, sun and air), and what they give (flowers, fruits, veg). The children then made a picture and labeled what plants need.
We discussed the term oviparous. It means to produce eggs that hatch. We talked about which animals hatch from eggs. The children did a STEM activity where they tried to figure out how to make towers and creations with plastic eggs and play dough.

Math: We talked about which animals hatch from eggs and did a sorting activity and project. They picked an animal picture and decided whether it hatched or didn’t hatch. They then placed it into the appropriate column. We sorted and counted jelly beans. We also sorted gummy snacks into the colors of the rainbow. We counted and wrote the numbers.

Literacy: The children have many opportunities to practice their writing. A few structured ones this month included describing the clouds they made, writing spring words on their rainbows and writing about the animal they drew which hatched from an egg. We worked on sequencing by sequencing the order of events in the story “Little Cloud”.

Art: We used puffy paint to make clouds. We painted with pasta (worms) and made worms using pipe cleaners and beads. We used the medium of chalk pastels to create a spring picture. We used chalk and water to make large Easter eggs. The children drew a picture of an animal that hatches from eggs. We made kites when we discussed wind.

Other Activities: We had an Easter egg scavenger hunt.
As you can see we have been very busy learning and having fun.

Next moth we will learn about the country of Mexico and study fairy tales.

Enjoy your vacation next week!
Mrs. Storie and Mrs. Hankus

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Pre K News Storie Week April 17-21

We had a very busy week with all our fun days. Thank you to all the dad’s and granddads who came in for our Dad’s and Donuts day on Monday. The children really enjoyed having you visit their classroom.

Literacy: We read the book “Riki’s Birdhouse” by Monica Wellington and we practiced the letter Z.
We played a letter and sound recognition game also.

Math: We reviewed shapes while making paper bird houses.

Fine motor: The children tore pieces of paper to glue onto a nest. They then glued in paper birds and added beaks, eyes and feathers. The children strung cheerios on pipe cleaners to make bird feeders. The children strung leis made of paper flowers and straws for Luau day. They also made sand castles.

Sensory Table: Filled with birdseed, small eggs, feathers and small birds.

Science: We had an in house field trip from curious creatures. The children got to see and touch (if they chose to) many different types of animals. The presenter gave the children fun facts about the creatures. We saw a tortoise, turtles, a rabbit, a chinchilla, an alligator, a corn snake, a boa constrictor, a Guinea pig and a King snake.

Art: The children painted using feathers for paint brushes. The children made their last art page for their alphabet art book.

Dramatic Play: We had a large nest filled with shredded paper, stuffed birds, and eggs.

I hope you all enjoy your vacation next week. See everyone in May!

Mr. Storie and Mrs. Brand

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Spring Fling, Sunday, May 7th, 2017, 12-3pm

Windham Coop Spring Fling 2016

Spring Fling, Sunday, May 7th, 2017, 12-3pm

As part of the schools mission, we promote service to the community, positive family relationships and an overall healthy lifestyle. On Sunday, May 7th, from 12-3pm we will be hosting our annual Spring Fling, a community fair focused on wellness. The event will include a Kids Fun Run, field day activities, entertainment provided by members of the community, a Raffle and Silent Auction and food provided by local restaurants. The Spring Fling is the school’s biggest fundraiser of the year and is open to the community.


∗ 12:30- 1pm Kids Yoga Demo with Audra
∗ 1:30-2:15pm Mr. Fothergill’s Musical Imagination Show
∗ 3pm Raffle Drawing and Silent Auction Winners
∗ Touch a truck and visit from the Windham Fire Department
∗ Fingerprinting and visit from the Windham Police Department
∗ Bounce House provided by Access Tent
∗ Glitter Tattoos
∗ Teddy Bear Clinic (Bring your favorite Stuffed Animal for a check up!)
∗ Handprint Tiles: Have your child leave a lasting mark on our School!
∗ Field Day Games
∗ Ice cream truck
∗ Food!

Raffle Items
Winners will be announced at 3pm at the Spring Fling. Tickets go on sale May1st!

White Raffle Tickets: $5 each or 6 for $25
White Raffle Tickets are for the following Items only!

∗ Autographed New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski Photo

Blue Raffle Tickets: $1 each, 6 for $5, or 25 for $20
Blue Raffle Tickets are for the following Items only!

∗ $100 King Arthur Flour Gift Certificate which can be used towards baking class tuition, on-line shopping, or at the retail/cafe in Norwich VT
∗ Rodan + Fields Fun in the Sun gift basket. A $100 value!
Beauty Counter Fun in the Sun for kids and moms. A $100 value!
∗ 4 Tickets to a UMass Lowell River Hawks Hockey game. Includes an autographed jersey and UMass Lowell Flag.
∗ $70 Painter’s Certificate for Muse Paintbar
∗ 4 VIP Passes to York’s Wild Kingdom An $89 value!
∗ Private Brewery Tour & Tasting for 4 at 603 Brewery in Londonderry, NH
∗ 2 Day Passes to to Story Land in Glen, NH. A $67.98 value!
∗ 2 admissions to Santa’s Village. A $64 value!
∗ Wellness package from Body and Mind Physical Therapy and Wellness, package includes a half hour massage with aromatherapy with Nina Gilbert, a bottle of Deep Sleep mist and a rollerball of Savasana. A $55 value!
∗ 6 Studio Fee Certificates to You’re Fired, each good for an $8 adult studio fee. A $48 value!
∗ A Wine Tasting and Tour for two at Hermit Woods Winery which includes four 19 oz. Hermit Woods tasting glasses, tour buttons, samples of wine from a barrel or stainless steel fermenter during your tour, and premium tastings of six wines in our tasting room. A $40 value!
∗ 4 free admission passes to Cowabunga’s
∗ 2 1 hour Jump Passes to Launch Trampoline Park in Methuen, MA
∗ $25 Gift Card to the Lobster Tail in Windham, NH
∗ $25 Gift Card to The Art House of Windham
∗ $25 Gift Card to Granfanally’s
∗ $25 T-BONES/CJ’s Dining Certificate
∗ $25 Maddie’s Gift Card
∗ $25 BeanTowne Gift Card
∗ $25 Gift Certificate to Hart’s Turkey Farm Restaurant in Meredith, NH
∗ Gym-Ken Gymnastics Open Gym Passbook (5 passes)
∗ Class Basket – Mrs. Bois PreK Learning in Many Ways
∗ Class Basket – Mrs. Desrosiers MWF Nursery Game Night
∗ Class Basket – Mrs. Hankus PreK Art Fun
∗ Class Basket – Mrs. Storie PreK Movie Night
∗ Class Basket – Mrs. Bois and Mrs. Desrosiers T/Th Nursery Beach Fun
∗ Class Basket – KEEP Sports

A very big thank you to all our donors!

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