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Spring Fling, Saturday, May 5th, 2018, 12-3pm

Spring Fling, Saturday, May 5th, 2018, 12-3pm

As part of the schools mission, we promote service to the community, positive family relationships and an overall healthy lifestyle. On Saturday, May 5th, from 12-3pm we will be hosting our annual Spring Fling, a community fair focused on wellness. The event will include a Kids Fun Run, field day activities, entertainment provided by members of the community, a Raffle and Silent Auction and food provided by local restaurants. The Spring Fling is the school’s biggest fundraiser of the year and is open to the community.

Silent Auction Items:

∗ Zorvino Vineyards – Tasting Party for 20 – ($250 Value)
∗ Mohegan Sun – One Night Stay – ($300 Value), plus Linahan Limo Ride $100 off
∗ The Inn At Mills Falls – One Night Stay – ($245 Value)
∗ Finished Cradle by Liana Gordian
∗ Ski Package –
Crotched Mountain – 2 Adult Lift Tickets
Pat’s Peak – 2 Adult Lift Tickets – ($112 Value)
Wachusett Mountain – 2 Adult Lift Tickets – ($142 Value)
∗ Kids Adventure Package –
Discovery Museums – Admission for 4
Launch Trampoline Park – (2) 1 Hour Jump Passes
Legoland Discovery Center – 4 Admission Tickets
Nuthin’ But Good Times – 2 Adult, 2 Children Day Passes
Squam Lake Science Center – 4 Trail Passes
Vertical Dreams Rock Climbing – 1 Day Pass Including Rentals
Vinkari Safari – 1 Child 5 Punch Card – ($40 Value)
York’s Wild Kingdom – 4 VIP Passes ($95 Value)

$5 Blue Raffle Ticket Items ($5 each, or 6 for $25)

∗ Barre Chic – Gift Basket – ($180 Value)
∗ Girl Scout Cookie Basket – ($80 Value)
∗ Buzz Durkin Karate – One Month Karate Pass – ($225 Value)
∗ Buzz Durkin Karate – Birthday Party – ($179 Value)
∗ Executive Health Club – (2) 6 Week Swim Lesson – ($180 Value)
∗ Maid Pro – 3 Hour Housecleaning –
∗ Tupelo Music Hall – Two Tickets to John Cafferty – ($176 Value)
∗ Arbonne – Gift Basket
∗ LulaRoe – Gift Basket

$1 Red Raffle Ticket Items ($1 each, 6 for $5, or 25 for $20)

∗ Advanced Hair – Wash, Cut, and Blow dry
∗ AG Paintball – 10 Free Play Passes
∗ Alliance Counseling – Lobster Bake Basket – ($60 Value)
∗ Aviation Museum – One Year Family Membership – (Valued at $50)
∗ Badger Balm – Basket of Product
∗ Beach Plum – Gift Card – ($20 Value)
∗ Bliss – Gift Card – ($70 Value)
∗ Bubbles n’ Styles – Wash, Cut, and Blow dry
∗ Cannon Mountain – Summer Discovery Pass – ($60 Value)
∗ Canobie Lake Park – 2 Tickets – ($78 Value)
∗ Chipotle – 2 “Dinners for 4” – ($100 Value)
∗ Chunky’s Cinema – Gift Bag with $10 GC, 2 Movie Passes, and Popcorn
∗ Copper Door – Gift Card – ($50 Value)
∗ Cowabunga’s – 4 Day Passes
∗ Culinary Playground – Gift Card – ($30 Value)
∗ Dance Impressions – Dance Birthday Party and Gift Basket
∗ Derry 5 Star Cinema – 4 Movie Passes
∗ Divine Willow – Gift Card – ($50 Value)
∗ Boston Duck Tours – Two Tickets – ($82.00 Value)
∗ Elizabeth Grady – Gift Card – ($50 Value)
∗ Essex River Cruise – Two River Boat Cruise Tickets –
∗ GymKen Gymnastics – 6 Open Gym Passes –
∗ Hangin’ on by a Stitch – 2 “Quillows” –
∗ Happy Feet Dance Studio – Gift Basket with Gift Certificate
∗ Jan Brett – The Mermaid Signed Poster –
∗ Joyful Hair Designs – Hair Cut / Blow Dry Gift Card –
∗ Kindermusik – 1 Free Month of Classes –
∗ Lazer Craze – Gift Certificate – ($75 Value)
∗ Maddie’s – Gift Card – ($25 Value)
∗ Manchester Monarchs – 4 Tickets for 2018/2019 Season – ($110 Value)
∗ Merrimack Reperatory Theatre – 2 Tickets to a Show – ($146 Value)
∗ Muse Paintbar – Gift Card – ($70 Value)
∗ Ninja Turtle Scooter
∗ North Shore Music Theatre – 4 Tickets to a Show
∗ Norwex Cleaning – Norwex Basic Package Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth
∗ One Stop Fun – 2 Passes
∗ Palmer Gas & Oil – Grill Apron / Utensils, Cook Book, and GC for Gas Propane Tank Refill – ($50 Value)
∗ Pound Fit – POUND Rockout Results System –
∗ Royal T Carwash – Carwash Certificates – ($70 Value)
∗ Scrubadub Car Wash – Gift Card – ($39 Value)
∗ Swan Boats – 10 Swan Boat Rides
∗ You’re Fired – 6 Sitting Fee Passes – ($48 Value)

Classroom Themed Baskets:

∗ Mrs. Bois / Mrs. Desrosiers T/TH – Beach Time
∗ Mrs. Bois MWF – Cookout and Campfire Night
∗ Mrs. Desrosiers MWF – Nursery Game Night
∗ Mrs. Storie – Movie Night
∗ Mrs. Hankus – Art Fun
∗ KEEP – Sports

A very big thank you to all our donors!

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Tuesday Nature PEEP

Happy (belated) Spring!

March was a fun month in Nature PEEP. We based our lessons on the saying: “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”

Week one had us exploring Lions. We used our 5 senses to describe lions. We discussed where they live and what they eat we even measured lions who can be as large as ten feet long by using PEEP friends. Did you know a full grown lion can be as big as “almost 3” PEEPsters?

The third week of March fell just after St. Patrick’s Day and so we temporarily switched our focus to rainbows. Recognizing the colors of the rainbow was easy for our group but we also got to learn how rainbows are formed by sunlight hitting the rain drops and then the light bends and separates in to the individual colors that we see in our rainbow. The students loved using a glass of water and a CD to bend the sunlight from our windows, and then show the rainbow on our classroom walls.

During our final week of March we discussed lambs. we compared predators and prey. We talked about the different behaviors of the two (i.e fierce vs. timid; strong vs. weak: big vs. small). We also compared the size of a lion to that of a lamb. and read a wonderful book about a newborn lamb in the springtime.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and lets all wave goodbye to the SNOW!

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Tuesday Nature PEEP

February PEEP Blog

The first week of February in Nature PEEP was So much fun! We have been taking Punxatawney Phil’s lead and checking out our shadows. We discussed what we need to make a shadow appear or disappear. We talked about what happens when we move an object close to, or further away from our light source. Finally, using light and shadow paper we made animal and shape frozen shadows. The students loved this project and seem to have a very strong grasp of how shadows work.

During week two of Nature PEEP hearts, love and friendship were our focus. After reading about Peppa Pig’s Valentine adventures we found items from nature to decorate beautiful valentines for our siblings and parents. Our painted stone hearts and stick hearts helped the children to work on their fine motor muscles as they painted small stones and placed them in dough and snapped apart small branches to glue to their glitter hearts. The children were all so excited to bring their creations home to family members!

Our final week of February was a very timely lesson as we focused on germs and how to prevent them. We had a character visit in the form of Sneezy Sally (picture a full-page face with a spray bottle filling in as the nose) Sally has the bad habit of NOT covering her face when she sneezes and instead sprays her friends with germs all the time! Gross, but a very effective lesson as all of the kids practiced using their “germ jails” (the crease of their elbows where they can “lock germs away”). We then learned how germs are spread when we use our hands to cover coughs and sneezes. This was demonstrated by me pretending to cough (while at the same time sprinkling cinnamon onto my palm). I then went on to high five my friends transferring my cough germs (cinnamon powder) to each and every friend. Needless to say, They were very happy to go and wash their hands to get all of the “germs” off. Such a fun way to illustrate important cold-season lessons.

Wishing everyone a great February Vacation!

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Week of February 19-23 Nursery Blog- Desrosiers

What a bittersweet end to our week, While we are excited to head off to our February vacation, we are saying goodbye and HUGE thank you’s to Mrs. B and Mrs. Wein this week. Thankfully, we know we will be seeing them again sometime soon.

Our theme this week centered around snow and ice.

Language: We focused on snow and Ice while continuing our letter and rhyming work.

Math: We counted the snowballs we were able to make in our sensory table during the beginning of the week, and once all of the snow melted we counted bunch’ems in our sensory table.

Art: Our projects focused on the book The Snowy Day and we made our own snowy day picture early in the week followed by very colorful watercolor paintings later in the week.

Gross Motor: We worked on our yoga-based animal poses this week. We have also been working on our stretching and balancing.

Fine motor: We worked on threading nuts onto, and off of bolts, (Our little construction workers loved this) as well as putting silly accessories like sunglasses and wings on to our bunch’em characters so much silly fun!

Just a reminder that next week February 26- March 2nd is Vacation week

Have a happy and healthy week off!

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Week of 2/12-2/16 Nursery Blog-Desrosiers

I hope everyone had a very happy Valentine’s Day.

Language: Our focus in language was all things Valentine’s Day: Love kindness friendship and don’t forget candy 🙂

Sensory: Our sensory table was filled with split peas, magnetic letters and shapes and wand magnets.

Art: Our art projects this week focused on Valentine’s Day with heart-decorated picture frames and “I love you to the moon and back” paintings. We also worked on our continuing Nursery Rhyme Unit by making Mary had a little lamb masks.

Literacy: In literacy we have been focusing on reinforcing letter recognition using games games. This week we have specifically been using the games: I have, Who has and Namestick hunt.

Math: Our math focus has been one to one correlation using marble counters as well as playdough rolling and animal counters to allow us to count, while at the same time using the fine motor strength in our hands to pick up marbles and put them in a bottle, roll playdough balls and pinch animal-shaped chipclips to pick up pompoms.


February Vacation: 2/26-3/2

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Week of February 5th- February 9th Nursery- Desrosiers

This week we have begun getting ready for Valentine’s Day. We have begun decorating our Valentine bags and we can’t wait to celebrate (as one of our Tuesday friends put it so eloquently): “Kindness and Friendship” in our class

Language: We are still focusing on rhyming and listening for when words sound the same at the end versus when they sound different at the end.

Math: Patterning and counting with hearts on our math mats has been our numbers focus this week.

Fine motor: For our fine motor practice we have been peeling the backing of of stickers and using nearly-flat sequins to work our fingers and “fancy-fy” our classroom.

Gross Motor: for gross motor we have begun using yoga to stretch, bend and get ready for our day. Ask your little friend about “move and grove” during circle.

Class lists are being emailed home today to aid in preparing class Valentines in advance of our parties.

Class Valentine’s Day Parties:

T/Th: Tuesday, February 13th
M/W/F: Wednesday, February 14th


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Week of January, 29- February 2 Nursery Blog- Desrosiers

Wow, our first snow-day-free week in what seems like forever! The kids had a great week with lots of fun activities.

Language: Groundhogs and shadows were our theme this week. We enjoyed making shadows in the sunny classroom windows and pretended to be groundhogs popping out of our burrows. Ask your child what you need to make shadows, and what it means when the groundhog sees his shadow.

Sensory: Gingerbread mix was a huge hit in our sensory table.

Art: We made groundhog pictures in honor of Punxsutawney Phil and we made shadow pictures.

Literacy: We are continuing to work on our letters by working on our name books to recognize and begin forming the letters of our names.

Math: We are continuing to explore numbers by looking at the numbers on a number line and predicting what number “comes after”.


Valentine’s Day Parties:

    Tuesday, February 13


    Wednesday, February 14
    February Vacation: February 26- March 2
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January Nature PEEP

Our first week back in Nature PEEP was so much fun! The arctic and more specifically, Narwhals were our focus this Tuesday. After a quick visit to our igloo (thanks again to all of the families whose awesome recycling skills made our igloo possible), we began our discussion. The students learned about the habitat and diet of our stuffed narwhal, Norman. We had many laughs as Mrs. Hankus taught us the Narwhal song and The Peepsters loved referring to the narwhal as: “The unicorn of the sea” and “The Jedi of the Sea”. You were probably pretty surprised to find blue feet (or for our especially ticklish little friends, blue hands) when the children came home after painting narwhals.

Week two was all about snowy owls. We discussed their habitat, their camouflage and adaptations that allow them to survive in the arctic and what they like to eat. The students knew tons of information about the snowy owl and took turns “teaching me” all about them. We then headed outside to our playground and acted like owls in the arctic.

Our final week of January had us learning about caribou. We discussed their fuzzy noses which help them to stay warm while they graze on the tundra, we discussed their hollow hooves and how they act as snow shovels for digging beneath the ice and snow to find food and we discussed how their antlers fall off, and regrow each year. We them made hand-print caribou which will be coming home next week.

See you soon for our first week of February Nature PEEP

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February 2018 Nursery News -Desrosiers

February Happenings

During February we will continue to work on our Nursery Rhymes and we will add in a focus on hearts (as we revisit shapes in our classroom) and Valentine’s Day. Plan to see a great deal of fun, large and fine motor activities as we work on all of the moving and grooving that helps our little minds and bodies become stronger and even more ready to learn. You will see us coloring with spray bottles as we make our palms and fingers strong. You will see us continue counting and letter recognition as we pick up letters and math manipulatives with tongs and tweezers. Our large muscles are getting a workout too as we begin working on balancing, hopping, and even some knew ways to sit in our circle.

Items Needed

Winter stickers
Valentine’s Day Stickers
Star stickers
Gloves/mittens that you might be willing to donate to our “extras” box for the chilly days when friends forget their stuff

Important Dates:

    Valentine’s Day Parties

(class lists will come home to help with filling out those Valentines)


Wednesday, 2/14



Tuesday, 2/13


    School Vacation: 2/26-3/2

Have a happy and healthy February Vacation

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Nursery -Week of 1/22-26- Desrosiers

Well, I think we are finally done with snow/ice days for a couple of weeks….Fingers crossed.

Language: This week we continued our work on Nursery Rhymes by learning Hey Diddle, Diddle

Sensory: This week we had sand, strainers and buckets in sensory.

Art: We did a “cow jumping over the moon picture to go along with our Hey Diddle Diddle focus and we did a snowflake painting to go with our…snow days 🙂

Literacy: For Literacy we worked on our NAME books. We had lots of fine motor and pincer grasp work while working on learning the letters of our names.

Math: In math we worked on counting to 10 and matching numbers with the correct number of countable objects.

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