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Week April 9-13 Pre-K Bois

Reminder:  Dads and Donuts is on Monday, April 16, beginning at drop off.  It should wrap up at 9:30, when we will begin circle.

Literacy: We read the books “Mama Zooms” by Jane Cowen and “Motion” by Darlene Stille.  We discussed all week about ramps, inclined planes, and how things travel up and down them.

Math: We have been using our critical thinking skills to figure out how balls travel down and up slides.  On Wednesday we went outside to see how we could roll a ball up and down our playground slides.  The children noticed that we had many ramps in our playground, besides the slides.  Ask your child about this.

Sensory Table: We had Lego’s in our sensory table for building.

Art with science:  We created a ramp with blocks and a tray.  We then investigated how paint could go down the paper, fast or slow.  We used pipettes and paint mixed with water, then increased or decreased the incline to investigate the paint motion.  So exciting!

Science:  Our beans are growing at a very fast rate.  We will keep watching them to see how tall they really get.  Come in and see them.  We also are hatching ducks again this year, which the children are excited about.  I have shown them pictures of the eggs, but they will not come in until they are ready to hatch after vacation.  Pictures are below.

Fun Week:  We are having the NE Aquarium come in on Wednesday, April 18, with their hands on Tidepool.  This will be a great experience for the children.

Monday, April 16 – Super Hero Day

Wednesday, April 18 – Disney Day

Friday, April 20 – Beach Day


Mrs Bois and Mrs Deveau

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Week April 9-13 Nursery Bois

The children have become very social and are playing nicely with each other. We are working on sharing with them all and being kind.

Literacy: We read the books “Flower Garden” by Kathryn Hewitt and “Planting a Rainbow” by Lois Ehlert.

Math: We counting our numbers to 20.  We also practiced our patterns with our rhythm sticks.

Art: We used water colors to paint tulips and then wrapped a popsicle stick with yarn for the stem.  The children did a great job with these fine motor tasks.  These were sent home today with your child.

Sensory Table: We had the small Legos in our sensory table on Thursday.  The children loved building things with them and it was great for their fine motor skills.

Science: We planted flowers on Tuesday and we will be watching their growth over the next few weeks.

Reminder:  Our school wide fun week is next week: Tuesday is PJ Day and Thursday is Sports Day.  Also the NE Aquarium is coming on Tuesday, April 17, with their hands on tidepool. This will be a great experience for the children.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Bois and Mrs Deveau

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Week April 2-6 Nursery Bois

We have sprung into spring and hopefully the weather will begin to get warmer soon.

Literacy: We read the books “Raindrops Fall around Us” by Charles Ghigna and “Mommy, is that You?” by Atsuko Morozumi.  We also are working hard on tracing our names.

Math: We worked on patterns by using rhythm sticks during circle.  The children were able to reproduce the ABAB pattern with the sticks.

Art: We created our 2 April quilt squares this week.  We painted an umbrella by using a Q-Tip and we drip dropped paint onto a raindrop.  Come see them on our wall in the classroom.

Sensory Table: We had sand and construction trucks in our sensory table.  The children loved driving the trucks up the ramps and in the sand.

Dramatic Play:  We now have a tool bench in our dramatic play area.  The children were hammering, measuring, and fixing all kinds of things during the week.

Reminder:  Our school wide Hawaiian Bingo is on Wednesday, April 11 at 6:30.  It will be held at the Middle School in Windham.  See Patti if you want to sign up.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Bois and Mrs Deveau

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April Director’s Letter 2018

Hopefully winter is over and now we can gear up for spring. A big thanks from all the staff to all families for being so understanding with the excessive number of snow days this year.As always, please keep sending in appropriate clothing for your child, since we go out any day that the weather is cooperating.  We have many fun things going on in April. Hard to believe that the school year is almost over.

April School Wide Fun Week:

Monday, April 16 – Super Hero

Tuesday, April 17 – Pajama Day

Wednesday, April 18 – Disney Day

Thursday, April 19 – Sports Day

Friday, April 20 – Beach Day

Hawaiian Bingo:

Join us for a Hawaiian Luau as the WCK tradition continues with this great family friendly Bingo event.

                    Windham Middle School

                    Wednesday, April 11, 2018

                    6:00 – 7:30 pm

                    $5 per person/$20 max per family*

*Price includes pizza, snacks, desserts, juice, water and lots of prizes. All children win!

Space is limited so save the date and make sure you aren’t left out of the fun! To sign up, please see Patti in the office, so we can get a head count.

General Membership Meeting:

Our general membership meeting is on Monday, April 9 at 6:30.  Judiann Burzlaff will be our guest speaker on readiness for kindergarten.  She is a KIP teacher at Golden Brook. We will also be voting on the school’s operating budget for 2018-2019 as well as voting in new members of the executive board.  Babysitting will be provided.

Spring Fling, Saturday, May 5th, 12-3pm

As part of the schools mission, we promote service to the community, positive family relationships and an overall healthy lifestyle. On Saturday, May 5th, from 12-3pm we will be hosting our annual Spring Fling, a community fair focused on wellness. The event will include a Kids Fun Run, field day activities, entertainment provided by members of the community, a Raffle and Silent Auction and food. The Spring Fling is the school’s biggest fundraiser of the year and is open to the community.  More information will be sent home with your children, so be on the lookout.

Spring Fling, Saturday, May 5th, 2018, 12-3pm

Summer Camps:

Be on the lookout for the summer camp brochure coming home in your child’s folder.  WCK’s staff will be hosting summer camps throughout June, July, and August at the school.  Camps are offered at a variety of times of day and duration of days. Whether it be a one day “Wacky Wednesday or a multi day themed camp, there are a number of fun ways to enjoy WCK throughout the summer months!


Spring Vacation: April 23-27

Pre-K Graduation – Thursday, May 31 (details to follow)

Maintenance Day – TBD

Last day of school:

M/W/F Nursery and Pre-K – June 4

T/Th Nursery – May 31

PEEP – June 4

KEEP – June 20

Save Your Pull Tabs:

We are collecting “pull-tabs” or “pop-tops” from aluminum cans to help the Shriner’s Hospital.  They will brought to a collection center and the money will be sent to the Shriner’s Hospital to help offset costs.  Thank You!

Healthy Recipes for your Family:

Creamy Peanut (or substitute) Butter and Banana Oatmeal- You will need:

¾ cup old-fashioned rolled oats, ¾ cup almond milk, ¼ cup water, 1 Tabl peanut butter, ½ teas ground cinnamon, 1 small ripe banana mashed, and 1/8 teas vanilla.  Combine oats, almond milk, and water into a saucepan. Bring to a boil for 1-2 minutes. Stir in peanut butter and cook additional 1-2 minutes. Lower heat and add cinnamon and cook 1-2 more minutes.  Remove from heat and add banana and vanilla.

Ladybugs on a Log- You will need: ¼ cup dried cranberries, 6 stalks celery, cut into 3 inch pieces, and ½ cup raspberry flavored cream cheese.  Fill each celery stick with raspberry flavored cream cheese and top it with 3-4 cranberries to look like ladybugs.

Trail Mix- You will need: cheerios, pretzel sticks, raisins, goldfish crackers, chocolate chips, and zip bags.  Have your child wash their hands and then count into their bag, 10 cheerios, 9 pretzel sticks, 8 raisins, 7 goldfish, 6 chocolate chips.  Zip up the bag and shake. Eat and enjoy. Math and food is so much fun!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Bites – You will need:

1 cup dry quick oats,1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut, lightly toasted,½ cup dried fruit (I used dried cherries and golden raisins)

½ cup crunchy organic peanut butter (or substitute)

¼ cup ground golden flaxseed,¼ cup chia seeds (white or black),

cup raw honey,1 tsp good quality vanilla extract, ½ tsp sea salt

Place all ingredients into the bowl of an electric mixer.

Blend until well incorporated. Roll into tbsp size balls and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

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April Monthly News Nursery Bois

April Happenings

In April we will be learning about Flowers and what they need to grow.  We also will be welcoming spring with many spring activities and having some fun with ducks.  We will be continuing working on our number recognition and 1-1 correspondence.  We also will be working on tracing or writing our names and recognizing different letters in the alphabet.

Items Needed

  • foam spring stickers
  • dirt
  • any kinds of seeds

Mark Your Calendars

We will be having a Mother’s Day Tea on Thursday, May 10 beginning at 10:30.  The children will be singing for their mom’s, painting their nails, and having a snack with them.  This is a special tradition in our class, and the children love this day!  If a mother cannot attend, a grandmother, aunt, etc. can take her place.

Science at Home:

Science experiment #1:  Take 3 clear cups and fill the 2 end cups 3/4 full and the middle 1/4 full.  Put yellow and blue food coloring in the 2 end cups.  Fold up a paper towel and put ends into cups, as in the picture.  Have your child watch what happens! It will take a few minutes to mix.

Science experiment #2:  Put shaving cream in a Ziploc bag.  Add some food coloring and close the bag.  Have your child mix the colors around to see what color they create!

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