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Pre-K News Storie Week January 15-19

It was a very short week with the holiday and snow storm. Let’s hope we get better weather next week.

Literacy: We read the book “ The Mitten Tree” by Candace Christiansen. We began the letter D. We worked on rhyming with our rhyming mittens game.

Fine motor: We practiced our letter D. We worked on fine motor as well as eye hand coordination while lacing mittens.

Sensory Table: Our sensory table contained table salt and small vehicles to use as plows.

Math: We worked on symmetry and matching as we made matching mittens.

Art: The children made their letter D art page for their book.

Dramatic Play: We set up igloos in our dramatic play.

Gross Motor: We were so happy to play out in the snow.

Looking For… *Please bringing a solid colored t-shirt (no writing or pictures on it) mens medium any solid color is fine. Your child’s choice. You can find these at Michaels or AC Moore. We will be using them during our Super You activities. We would like them no later than Monday January 22 nd .

REMINDER: Next week is spirit week Monday: Sports Day Wednesday: Crazy hat/ hair day Friday : Whiteout wear something white

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Storie and Mrs.Brand

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Week January 15-19 Pre-K Bois

What a crazy week with the day off on Monday and the snow day on Wednesday.  We did have a great day on Friday and the children loved being back with their friends.  Thanks to all of the parents that I had conferences with.  It is great to talk with you about how special your child is.

Literacy: We read the book “Snow” by Uri Shulevitz.  We are working hard on our lowercase letters and recognition.

Math: We matched animals to their correct number during circle with a friend.

Sensory Table: We had rice and arctic animals in our table this week.

Science: We made floam today.  The children loved mixing it up and playing with it.  There is a sample of it in your child’s backpack.

Reminder: Our school wide fun week is next week. 

Monday is Sports Day

Wednesday is Crazy Clothes Day

 Friday is White Out Day

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Bois and Mrs Deveau

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Week January 15-19 Nursery Bois

Thanks to all the parents that I saw this week for conferences.  It is always fun to get another glimpse into your child’s life from their parents.

Literacy: We read the books “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” by Iza Trapani and “Hickory Dickory Dock” adapted by Jenne Abramowitz.  This week we learned Hickory Dickory Dock and Jack and Jill.  Practice these with your child at home.

Math: We reviewed our 4 basic shapes this week.

Art: The painted paper plates and made them into the itsy bitsy spider.  These will be saved for our show in March.

Sensory Table: We had rice with arctic animals this week.

Reminder:  Next week is our school wide fun week.  Tuesday is Super Hero Day and Thursday is Disney Day.  

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Bois and Mrs Deveau

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Week January 8-12 Nursery Bois

Finally a full week with our Nursery children.  The children had a great week and loved being back with their friends.

Literacy: We read the books “Snowmen At Night” by Caralyn Buehner and “Little Lumpy” by Miko Imai.

Math: We built a snowman by putting the numbers from 1-10 underneath a snowman head.

Fine Motor:  We worked on our cutting skills, but cutting straight lines.  We will be working on this for the rest of the year.

Art: The preschool children created their January quilt squares.  They made a snowman and a snowflake. Come see them on our wall.

Sensory Table: We had fake snow in our sensory table this week.

Nursery Rhymes: We are now beginning to learn our Nursery Rhymes.  We will have a Nursery Rhyme show in march with the children.  This week we learned Humpty Dumpty and continued to sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider, that we already knew.

Reminder:  Conferences will begin on Tuesday, January 16.  If you have not signed up for one yet, please do so on the sign up genius.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Bois and Mrs Deveau

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2018-2019 Registration

2018-2019 Registration will begin in December:

Registration packets distributed: Week of December 4

Current Member Registration: Through Monday, January 8

Alumni Registration: Beginning Monday, January 9

General Public Registration: Beginning Wednesday, January 10

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Week January 1-5 2018 Pre-K Bois

We had a VERY short week, with only 1 day of Pre-K on Wednesday.  Hopefully the trend is for warmer weather and no snow!!!

Literacy: We read the book “All You Need For a Snowman” by Alice Schertle.

Math: We reviewed our numbers from 1-16, by building a snowman with the numbers at circle.

Sensory Table: We had fake snow, which the children loved to dig through.

Art: The children created a snowman, but cutting it out and then adding the parts.  They are hanging up on our wall.

Science: We did a liquid solid experiment, by seeing which melted faster, snow or ice.  The snow melted faster than the solid cup of ice, by the end of the day.

Reminder: If you have not signed up for a conference yet, please do so through the sign-up genius email.  Thank you!

Thanks again for all of the classroom and personal gifts.  We have the most generous parents and the children are loving the new things in our classroom.

Have a great weekend and stay warm,

Mrs Bois and Mrs Deveau


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January 2018 Director’s Letter

Dear Families,

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.  A huge thank you to all of our parents for the generous classroom gifts from our mitten tree. All of the teachers appreciate the new items, toys, and gift certificates that will be used in the up and coming months.  January will be busy with winter activities and registration for the 2018-2019 school year.   


2018-2019 Preschool Registration:

Registration packets have been distributed in December.  Please return the registration form with the $90.00 fee to hold your child’s spot for the following school year.  After Jan 8, registration will be open to alumni and then to the general public. If you know of friends or neighbors who are in search for a preschool  have them stop by for a tour. If you have any questions or are in need of a registration packet, please drop by the office and Patti or I can help you.

Winter is upon us:

Please dress your child for the winter weather.  We do go outside when it is not too cold or stormy out.  Have your child come in with snow pants, winter coat, hat, mittens, and boots. Waterproof mittens will help keep your child’s hands warm when they play in the snow.  Thin or cloth gloves or mittens tend to get wet and gloves are hard for the little ones to put on themselves.  Label everything with names or initials so the teachers know which items belong to which child.  Thank you!

Literacy in Action:

Our second session of Literacy in Action will begin on Thursday, January 18, from 8:45-11:30.  It will run for 8 weeks and includes literacy activities that correspond with books.  This program is taught by Jen Brand and is open for all Pre-K children. If you would like more information or are interested in enrolling your child, please stop in the office and see Patti.

January Fun Days:

Our fun day week will be January 22-26.  Have your child wear something associated with each special day.

Monday, Jan 22 – Sports Day

Tuesday, Jan 23- Super Hero Day

Wednesday, Jan 24 Crazy Clothes Day

Thursday, Jan 25- Disney Day

Friday, Jan 26 – White Out Day (wear something white)

General Membership Meeting:

January 22 is the next general membership meeting. Our speaker will be Mindy Davis, from Davis Wealth Advisors (  She will be giving advice on financial planning for college starting at 6:30 PM. At 7:30,the general status of the school and upcoming events will be discussed.  All are welcome to attend and complimentary babysitting will be provided.

January Activities to do with your child:

Paint the Snow Take a spray bottle and fill it with water and food coloring.  Have your child spray the snow to make it colorful.  Build a snowman and spray clothes onto it.  Winter Fun!

Feed the Birds- String cheerios on a piece of yarn and hang on a tree in your yard.  This is a great fine motor activity and the birds will thank you for it.

Alphabet Activities- Pour some salt onto a tray.  Have your child trace letters with their finger. Write the uppercase letters on a piece of paper and have your child match letters to them. (you can use magnetic letters or paper ones that you make)

Nursery Rhymes Teach your child some of your favorite Nursery Rhymes.  Studies report that learning Nursery Rhymes before 1st grade can facilitate learning how to read.

Maintenance Opportunity:

Ask your classroom teacher if they need any toys washed.  It is nice for the toys to be washed again midyear, especially with the cold season upon us.




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January Monthly News Pre-K Bois

January Happenings

Lots of winter activities will be happening in January.  We will be continuing our uppercase and lowercase letters and new concepts in math.  Our January unit will be on ice and snow.  Our activities will include snowmen, snowflakes, penguins and science experiments with ice and snow. We hope to get outside with the children and investigate the snow.

Thank You

We would like to thank all of you for the generous classroom gifts and personal ones.  With the gift certificates, we bought more magnet toys, which the children love, matchbox cars, a thinking geometric puzzle, and alphabet/number playdough tools.  We cannot wait for the children to play with these.  We have a few gift certificates still left, that we will supplement things for our classroom in the up and coming months. You all are so kind!

Alphabet Activities To Do At Home

  • make the letters with pipe cleaners
  • make a paper chain with a letter for each link
  • go around the house and say what letter things begin with
  • have your child practice writing the letters
  • make an alphabet book by cutting out magazine pictures for each letter


Conferences will be the week of January 16th.  Please sign up on sign up genius or see me so I can fill you into a time slot.

 January Fun Week

We will be having a fun week during January 22-26.

Monday, Jan 22 – Sports Day (wear a favorite sports team)

Wed., Jan 24 – Crazy Clothes Day (anything goes)

Fri., Jan 26 – White Out Day  (have your child wear something white)

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