Annie and the Wild Animals

By | February 6, 2018

Hello Literacy Parents!

We are now in full swing of this Literacy session and things are going very well. The children are now coming in fully understanding the expectations and routine of the class and we are having a great time.
Last week we read “Annie and the Wild Animals”, by the fantastic Jan Brett. I love to take my time with her books because the illustrations are phenomenal and there is so much to observe and talk about with the children. In this story, Annie is missing her cat, so she comes up with a plan to entice another animal to come be her friend. She decides to make corn cakes each night and place them out in her yard by the woods in order to attract an animal companion, but of course all of the wrong types of animals come to visit. The children were thoroughly captivated by this story (Even if they had read it before). Of course the logical treat to go with our theme was to bake our own corn muffins-from scratch! They were DELICIOUS! Our school smelled extra wonderful that day 🙂
Sharing continues to be an important component to our morning. As a side-bonus skill, the children are working very hard to be patient. This means that they have to wait to be called on for their turn, aren’t always first, need to be respectful of other presenters, etc. Oh, and if you hear your child say “I have the floor”, that is a term that I taught them to understand who has the honor of talking at a particular time (ie. James has the floor now, so the rest of us need to be respectful listeners).
This Thursday (keep your fingers crossed that we don’t have snow interference) our theme will be “Friendship”. This is my tie- into Valentine’s day, and since it is the only Literacy class we are having before Valentine’s, it is the correct day for that theme. We will be making a friendship snack mix, with each student contributing to the snack. I would like to ask, if you can, to send your child in with a baggie (doesn’t need to be more than a cup or so) filled with a dry snack that they can add to our mix. Here are some ideas: pretzels, mini marshmallows, cheerios, chex, stix, cheeze-its, chocolate chips, teddy grahams, raisins, yogurt raisins, kix, etc. I don’t want anyone going crazy and heading out for this…whatever is in your pantry is fine and we only need a baggie full, since the final product will be plenty to share with our friends! I will send an email tomorrow as a reminder.
*Also…don’t forget those sharing items!
See you all soon.

Mrs. Brand

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