Our Board

Our Executive Board, consisting of parent volunteers, is elected by the school’s membership and is responsible for administering and maintaining the school in cooperation with the Director and Assistant Director. The board is responsible for carrying out the school’s finances, conducting student registration, overseeing maintenance of the building and coordination of the general membership meetings. The Executive Board acts as a voice for the parent membership.

Jim Harvey  

Position: Executive Chairperson

Education: I am a father of two and a systems engineer at an opto/electrical corporation. I have lived in Windham for over 30 years and attended the Windham Cooperative Preschool in the 1980s.

Children: I have a 4 year old son and 5 year old daughter

3 words the kids would use to describe you: Fun, silly, active

Favorite Children’s Story: Guess How Much I Love You and Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

Favorite color: Red

Favorite activity at Windham Co-op: Circle time.

Why you love volunteering at Windham Co-op: The Co-op fosters a caring environment that makes you feel like you have gained another family. The co-operative aspect lets you see into the world your preschooler is experiencing while having fun along the way.

Kelly Janco   

Position: Vice Chairperson

Background: I have my Master’s Degree, in Elementary Education.  Over the years, I have taught 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade in both Nashua, NH and Norfolk, VA.  I have been home with my kids since my son Ryan, was born.

Children: My son, Ryan, is five years old and will be entering into Kindergarten at Golden Brook this fall.  My daughter, Kate, is three and she will be starting at Windham Cooperative Kindergarten this year.

3 words the children would use to describe her: Easygoing, patient, spontaneous

Favorite children’s book: Charlotte’s Web by EB White

Favorite color: Yellow – such a happy color!

Favorite activity at the Co-op: Field trips!  Whether it’s pumpkin picking at the farm, walking the trails and exploring Quarrybrook, or attending a play at the Stockbridge Theatre, the kids are always having fun(and learning, too!)

Why you love volunteering at Windham Co-op: This school has a way of making each child feel special, while fostering the social, emotional and academic elements of learning.  It is an easy decision to volunteer when you believe so strongly in their core value and belief system.  Plus, it’s really fascinating to watch your child interact within the school setting!

Caitlin Blundell

Position: Treasurer

Education: I am a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the State of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting from Syracuse University and a Master of Science in Accounting from Boston College.

Children: I have two children. My oldest son, Mason, is five years old and has been at the Windham Co-op for three years now. My younger son, Anderson, is two years old and will begin Preschool at the Co-op next year.

3 words to describe her: Calm, caring, and loving

Favorite children’s book: Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

Favorite color: I love green because it reminds me of being outdoors which is one of my favorite things to do.
Favorite activity at Windham Co-op: I really look forward to all of the community events throughout the school year. My favorite event is Halloween Bingo. The kids have so much fun getting dressed up in their costumes and playing Bingo for prizes with their friends. It is a fun night for families!

Why do you love volunteering at Windham Co-op: I love the sense of community at the Co-op. I have met many families through my experiences at the Co-op and I know the bonds we have formed will be lasting friendships. The staff at the Windham Co-op have made my son fall in love with school. He can’t wait to go to school each day!

Jael Khanna   

Position: Vice Treasurer

Education: I received a Bachelor’s Degree from Pace University. My majors were Elementary Education and Mathematics, with minors in Secondary Education and Special Ed. I received a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Salem State University. I am also a proud alum of Windham Co-op!

Children: I have spent five years as a WCK parent, and I will be there for at least three more. My son, Tajes, is 7 years old. My other son, Asher, is 5 years old. And my daughter, Kaveri, is 2 years old.

3 words the kids use to describe you:  Determined, thoughtful, active

Favorite children’s story: When I was in college and preparing to be a teacher, I began collecting children’s books. My library is filled with them, many of which I love. If I had to choose one, I’d pick Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns.

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite activity at Windham Co-op:  I’m a runner, so my favorite activity is the annual fun run. Watching all the kids smile big and try their best, alongside all of their friends, melts my heart.

Why you love volunteering at Windham Co-op:  Due to the many volunteering opportunities and overall family-feel of the co-op, I know so much about my children’s school life. As a result, I’m able to facilitate many conversations with them. Since I see the curriculum firsthand, I am able to make connections to what they are currently learning. Since I know their friends and teachers, I am able to talk with them about social interactions. I feel very fortunate to be involved in my children’s educations.

Amy Crowley  

Position: Secretary

Education: Bachelor’s in Psychology and Associates in Health Science from Keene State College

Children: 2, Sammy who is 2 and Jack who is almost 5!

3 words the kids would use to describe you: Active, careful, thoughtful

Favorite Children’s Story: Currently reading Jane Eyre, it puts the boys to sleep in minutes! 🙂 Favorite kids books are ‘The Pigeon needs a Bath’ and ‘The Kissing Hand’

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite activity at Windham Co-op: Classroom parties

Why you love volunteering at Windham Co-op: I love getting to see my own kids interact with the teachers and other kids in the classroom and I love to get to know the other children in class as well!